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Herbal Heating Pack for Women- 100% Natural-Dark Purple

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Herbal Heating Pad for Women- (Two colors to choose from-  Dark Purple or Red)

 100% natural! !! Hot compress, comfortable and safe.

100% cotton fabric guarantees safe heating. High-quality red beans, coarse sea salt, and wormwood leaves, cumin, incense sticks, safflower, aconite and other 10 kinds of precious herbal materials.

Herbal medicinal effect can penetrate with heat.  It can dispel coldness and dampness, warm meridians, dissolve blood stasis, promote qi and blood circulation. Beneficial for various gynecological health issues.




  1. Helps prevent and reduce female uterus cold pain
  2. Helps regulate women's menstrual issues, including infertility.
  3. Assist in relaxing local muscles, which can enhance the effect after massage or acupuncture



It is very convenient to use. Just microwave for about 2 to 3 minutes,-adjust according to the power of the microwave.                                                     

Just apply to lower abdomen or lower back – alternate use is even better. You can do a bit gentle circular massage around these area before applying the herbal heating pad. Thermal effects can last for an hour or more. Repeatable heating. The herbal medicinal effect can last about 180 times of microwave heat. After that, it can still be used as a regular hot pack. Recommend to buy again for best herbal effect or ask for herbal refill.


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