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Herbal Tea for Breath Issue

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These very light herbal tea bags are designed to reduce food accumulation in stomach area and promote the qi flow to activate and restore stomach function, so as to greatly reduce the mouth smell/mouth breath. 

Although this is designed for elderly people, it works equally well for young people with similar mouth breath issue. 

This is researched and supplied by GTA Pain Rehab Centre.  

20 Tea bags - good for 20 days of supply

Very light and with good taste,  very safe

Drinking direction:

Soak the whole tea bag in boiling water for 10-20 seconds, then pour the water- preheat and rinse the tea

2. Pour boiling water - about 50-200 ml or half tea cup 

3. Cover and soak for 3-5 minutes.  

4. Then let the tea water cool down a bit and drink very warm.  Just like sipping hot tea

5. When the liquid gets a bit too little or too thick or too cold,  keep adding boiling water and continue to sip.   1-3 cups of water depending on your normal drinking amount. 


Note: If you feel tongue tinkling,  it's very normal.   That's due to the characteristic of one herb. 

Better not to drink with any other liquid or juice. 



Nutritional info


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