About Us

About Us:

Our parent company is Show TCM Health and Education Group Inc.-which promotes natural and holistic health education including TCM solutions. We also partner with some top clinic practiioners, holistic herbal experts, teachers and manufacturers around the world to provide you best health and wellness products, solutions or courses. 

Our Mission:

To elevate the health education and enhance the wellness of all humanity 

Our Goal:

Our goal is to provide alterntive holistic medicinal and wellness information (including TCM) to help you better understand your heath issues and provide natural products, holistic soultions or courses so you can live a happier and healthier life. 

About the Founder:

Our company founder Ruth Liu is a strong believer and promoter of holistic health and wellnes solutions. She is a professional author, speaker and holistic health coach.  As a licensed TCM acupuncturist, in addition to needle or acupressure treatment, she also specializes in moxibustion and holistic herbal tea.  For more about her, her health books, her courses, her health clubs or coaching , pls. click here.