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Holistic Solution Pack-Online Personal Care

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Unique Global Care! We care about your overal health.  We focus on your holistic wellness. 


Our holistic solution pack includes several or all of the following:

Diet, habbit, emotion, acupressure, moxibustion, customized holistic herbal tea prescription, alternative self care methods, other herbal products such as Traditional Chinese Medicine.

How it works?

Once you purchased the holistic solution pack, you will receive an email to fill in your health information and take a tongue picture- form and instruction will be sent.

We will then book you for 30-min zoom meet  with one of our holistic practitioners who will do disagnosis based on your information and give you suggestions in person.  Suggestion includes the items described in the Description. 

This service is provided through zoom meeting format.




Nutritional info


Tai Chi Yin Yang Tea - our anchored product

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